Committee Members

Elected members 2023

  • President: Anne Jaquiery (Viola). Anne plays viola and sometimes violin. In her day job, she works as a paediatrician and researcher.
  • Treasurer: Rebecca Whalley (Violin). Rebecca plays violin in the orchestra and in the local Autangi Ensemble. She works as a lawyer in her day job. 
  • Committee members:
    Rebecka Beetz (Violin and Concertmaster). Rebecka enjoys getting a break from work as a translator and being a Mum, by playing violin in the orchestra.
    Tom Petchell (Clarinet). Tom was once described as an engineer by profession and a musician by temperament, and is still trying to work out if it was a compliment or not.
    Alyson Hendren (Violin).

Ex officio
Music director: William McElwee