Our Aims and Aspirations

Our purposes, as stated in our constitution, are to:

  1. maintain and develop a symphony orchestra in which amateur musicians, primarily from the Bay of Plenty, can play a variety of styles and perform public concerts to the highest standard realistically achievable
  2. facilitate opportunities for the musicians to enhance their experience and improve their proficiency by collaborating, either in the orchestra or as smaller groups, with other musical and cultural groups and/or with accomplished soloists or conductors
  3. promote and encourage, particularly in young people, the active and passive appreciation and enjoyment of live orchestral music in the Bay of Plenty
  4. provide opportunities for younger orchestral players, aspiring soloists and/or conductors to develop their skills in performance with an orchestra.

The orchestra has always maintained a strong focus on encouraging younger players. Several of our local student musicians over the years have gone on to musical studies at Waikato, Victoria and Auckland Universities or overseas, with the intention of pursuing professional careers. In particular, participants in our regular Rising Stars competitions have done very well in their musical endeavours.

Bay of Plenty Symphonia continues to strive to achieve these aims and is proud of the successful evolution and development of our community orchestra into one of Tauranga’s most popular cultural assets.