Committee Members

Elected members 2020

  • President: Boyd Jones. Boyd is a non-playing member. He is a longstanding supporter of BOPS and brings a wealth of experience in management and committee work of various kinds.
  • Secretary: Maggie Gething. A retired veterinarian, Maggie plays oboe and cor anglais.
  • Treasurer: Pat Macdonald. Pat is a retired piano teacher and plays cello in the orchestra.
  • Committee members:
    Rebecka Beetz (Violin and Concertmaster). Rebecka enjoys getting a break from work as a translator and being a Mum, by playing violin in the orchestra.
    Anne Jaquiery (Viola). Anne plays viola and sometimes violin. In her day job, she works as a paediatrician and researcher.
    Wendy King (Trombone). Wendy is a writer originally from Florida, who enjoys playing trombone with several community music groups.

Ex officio
Music director: Justus Rozemond

While Covid 19 restrictions are in place the Committee is meeting online via Zoom.  As soon as we meet up in person we will add a photo!