Kids’ Concert – September 2014

Feedback from Kids’ Concert September 2014

• Congratulations to Bay of Plenty Symphonia and your exciting conductor Justus Rozemond and of course Ewan McCleod for a superb concert yesterday. Our students loved all of it. I think the programme is excellent and we would definitely come again.

• This was just the best concert! My two girls (homechoolers) absolutely loved it.

• The concert was a big hit with my small group of children! Congratulations on putting on a fine display of Tauranga talent in such an entertaining and informative way! For some children, this may be the only time in their lives that they get to see a real live orchestra. The children were enthralled the entire time. It was great how you all dressed up as pirates. It’s so good for the kids to see the enthusiasm and passion amongst the orchestra members.

• All brilliant. We had a wonderful time, what an experience! The music and musical humour was fun.

• Thank you for a wonderful show! thought it was very good to see some young people in there as it encourages younger people to be in the symphonia.

• Thank you for the opportunity to attend this great event. For many of our tamariki, this would have been their first experience of a live orchestra. They were very excited to be attending and were just as excited and uplifted when we left.